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Jeevan ka vistar June 4, 2007

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Chhotaa kar ke dekhiye jeevan ka vistar
Aankhon bhar akaash hai, bahon bhar sansaar

Sabki puja ek si, alag alag hai reet
Masjid jaye maulvi, koel gaye geet


(Try shrink the expanse of your life and you will find
The sky fits into your eyes and the world within outstretched arms

Each heart has the same prayer, only the expression is different
The maulvi visits the masjid while the koel sings)


Lyrics by Nida Fazli, sung by Jagjit Singh in the album “Insight”

Translation and picture by the author.

For complete lyrics click here


2 Responses to “Jeevan ka vistar”

  1. pujathakur Says:

    Luv the color of sky in the picture!

  2. gurdas Says:

    I agree! The sky is one of the most vibrant, interesting and available subjects. At morning light and evening light (which is the best time to shoot anything), the sky changes every few seconds!!
    Three cheers to mother nature and people responsible for the development of photography technology.

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