A bouquet of flowers picked along the way ….

Author’s Pick May 6, 2010

Since blogs are so dynamic, new readers miss out on posts written in the past. I hope to correct some of that by using this page to state my pick. The recommended post will be updated at some frequency (every week?). Remember, you can always use the “category cloud” and “archives” tools to travel back in time. And don’t miss the Previous Page and Next Page links at the bottom of a page.

Current pick

How the Chinese won me over


Previous Picks

My affair with the Queen of Godabanda. I wonder if she is still around, the Queen of Godabanda.

An experiment in love

The Pink Chaddi (Underwear) Campaign

Kick it On!

Of Menstruation and Menopause

My Prayer

Save Shashi Tharoor from a ‘Sari’ fate (this post on Puja’s blog is the precursor to my blogging life)

Confession of Sasmita (by Vilombita Sarcar)

Quo Vadis?

The Art and Nomenclature of potholes on India’s roads

The Rebellion of 1994

Just Jazz – learning with my 8 year old niece


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