A bouquet of flowers picked along the way ….

How the Chinese won me over October 1, 2007

On a recent visit to Malaysia, I had the good fortune of being in Taiping on 25 Sep – the Chinese mooncake festival (aka mid-autumn festival or lantern festival). Accompanied by our local contact, we spent 3 wonderful hours relishing the crowd that had congregated at the Lake Garden. Hundreds of families lighting candles and traditional Chinese lanterns resembling animals, cute round faces, etc. The presence of large number of children made it a treat for the senses and also doubled as great subjects to shoot. It was evident that ‘family’ is a vital social unit amongst the Chinese. Most of the crowd consisted of parents with young kids, and independent youth groups. The family groups had elders either helping or watching the kids as they went about their tasks of lighting candles with endearing sincerity. Even with a crowd of few thousand packed into a not very large area, there was hardly any din or feeling of being crowded. On the contrary, the human chatter highlighted the overwhelming sense of calm and love that pervaded the Lake Garden. Thank you, Taiping, for a memorable evening!










3 Responses to “How the Chinese won me over”

  1. The pictures brought back several fond memories of China…thanks for sharing!

  2. Vikas Says:

    photosgraphs are quite nice as night photography always difficult task to handle but u did it well.Some photographs are professional also i think.
    Keep it up dude !!!!!!!

  3. gurdas Says:

    Thanks for dropping by.
    Those night shots would not have been possible without the tripod I borrowed in Taiping. And yes, this I truly believe, a picture is never fully owned b the photographer – for the subject is the raw material.

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