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My Prayer March 2, 2008

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 The open door, Key Gompa

God, this day and those that follow, gift me:


– the strength to help all, friend or foe
– the strength to love all, animate and inanimate
– the strength to smile, even in adversity
– the strength to speak the truth, always
– the strength to be free of cravings, including Life
– the strength to happily give away all that I think I have
– the strength to follow your will, come what may
– the strength to be you


Whenever I bow to whatever you might call God, I use the above lines one way or the other, in part or full. 

What is your prayer?


6 Responses to “My Prayer”

  1. u know me too Says:

    There cannot be another prayer more fulfilling/satisfying/ powerful/beautiful!!
    The above lines one way or the other, in part or full when prayed upon with intensity, integrity and purity of mind brings instant positive results…
    When we give out such nice and powerful thoughts into the UNIVERSE, the same comes back to us…a hundredfold!

  2. Carpe Diem.
    That’s the philosophy (not prayer) I follow. I fall short…everyday.

  3. harleen Says:

    It was too good and elevated my soul to a higher and happier level….

  4. Gagan Says:

    Very nice thoughts and “goals”!.. in line with the essence of Guru Granth Sahib.. Bravo!
    Mine is something like this –
    Waheguru.. Show me the right way in life …
    Help me differentiate between right and wrong…
    Keep me detached yet dutybound and helpful with/for everyone…
    Keep me attached with you…
    And last.. when I pray.. I always try to “feel” the GOD within my mind.. thats the most blissfull part..

  5. gurdas Says:

    Deepanjan: I too fall short everyday. But then I am human.

    Harleen: Glad you liked it and it helped you in this tough phase of your life. I will call you soon, my angel.

  6. gurdas Says:

    Gagan: True, the teachings of Guru Granth Sahib are eternal and universal! I love the thoughts in your prayer.

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