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The Mighty Ant June 27, 2007

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Caught on extreme closeup, this big black ant (carpenter?) looks as ominous as it is. If you have never had one clinging to your skin, believe me, you have no idea what those jaws can do. I have a vivid childhood memory of pulling one stubborn specimen which had its jaws sunk into soft skin of an aged aunt. The ant came off, but the jaws stayed glued into the skin. Must have hurt both, aunt and ant  🙂


Ant closeup, Jamshedpur, 2007


3 Responses to “The Mighty Ant”

  1. cruxphoto Says:

    Great shot. What lens did you use?

  2. gurdas Says:

    Hello Nate! Thanks for the compliment. Having seen your website and the many fabulous pictures you have taken, I am inclined to add ‘generous’ to your comment.
    I used the Fuji FinePix S6500fd camera (aka S6000fd in US). It is a prosumer/bridge model with a very versatile Fujinon 28-300mm permanent glass. The shot settings are:
    Shutter: 1/420
    Aperture: F3.8
    Focal Length: 21.6mm
    Sensitivity: ISO100
    Exposure Mode: Auto
    Exposure Correction: 0.0
    Metering Mode: Pattern
    White Balance: Auto
    Colour Space: sRGB
    Focus: Auto
    Flash: OFF
    Macro: ON

    Credit also to the ant for being there 🙂

  3. cruxphoto Says:

    Thanks. You got the eye in focus and that’s key. That’s something that I struggle with sometimes. I get excited about cool shot and I just move to fast. Rather than concentrating on getting the right part of the subject in focus, I shoot too quick and find that the nose or back are in focus, and not the eyes.

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