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A slogan, a jingle and a pair of twins August 15, 2007

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We have all said or heard “Nothing is Impossible” some time or the other. I did too.
However, it never occurred to me how switching places between the words can create a far greater impact. Until I heard “Impossible is Nothing” – Adidas’s punchline.

Suddenly the focus is on the word ‘impossible’ and the new arrangement gives a feeling that one can demolish the idea of anything being impossible. Awesome!

The Tata Indica Xeta campaign with gorgeous buxom beauties out on a holiday and looking for some fun, is, actually powered by its jingle. Not that I would have liked the ad without the ladies! It’s just that however many times I hear it, the jingle still sounds refreshing and perks me up.
This follows from the earlier (and equally refreshing) campaign where they have a liar having a bad day with his lies until he markets the Tata car.


 UTI -Axis twins    UTI kid Shreya

My current fave ad campaign is the ‘UTI Bank is Axis Bank’ ad that has toddler twins walking one after other into a kindergarten playroom. I just adore this ad. Look at the twins smiling into the camera and your heart misses a beat.  I feel like rushing into that room and hugging all those kids. For once, kids are shown the way I like them – playful and curious. Which is contrary to the recent trend (in Indian cinema and media) of having kids act and talk as grown-ups.

Thank you Ogilvy & Mather for those amazing, amazing kids. And the very expressive teacher.


So, what is your favourite advertisement?


3 Responses to “A slogan, a jingle and a pair of twins”

  1. wavesnsands Says:

    How about the Fevicol ka Jod??? I think all fevicol ads are hilarious. ummm…More recent ones..i like all the Bingo chips ads

  2. gurdas Says:

    I’d like to add a few more:

    1) Orbit White – The character of Bhatavdekar is my current fave. What verbals and what exprssions, too good.
    2) Hutch – still good but not as good as they used to be
    3) Taj – with Saif Ali Khan – great verbals and setting
    4) Tata Tea – where the shy guy gets posted to Ladakh

  3. Mohit Sharma Says:

    I saw Shreya in a add in a news paper first time.They were two girls in the add.Both were looking so cute that I paste that paper on my room’s wall.
    I have it with very sefty yet and its with me from 4 years.Here is the snap of Shreya.Would anybody give me the snap of the other girl which was in that add with Shreya?

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