A bouquet of flowers picked along the way ….

The complete man May 2, 2007

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Will in my Veins
Persistence in my Blood
Hymns in my Ears
Age in my Bones
Charms in my Nose
Earth in my Nails
Resilience in my Soles
Weakness in my Heels
Needs in my Stomach
Duties in my Shoulders
Fate in my Hands
Distance in my Thighs
Prayer in my Knees
Wisdom in my Hair
Passion in my Lips
Strength in my Arms
Surprises in my Elbows
Thoughts in my Eyebrows
Hope in my Eyes
Labour in my Fingers
Care in my Nipples
Pride in my Chest
Dignity in my Neck
Caution in my Tongue
Purity in my Skin
Life in my Lungs
Dreams in my Head
Eternity in my Deeds
Truth in my Death
God in my Soul
Love in my Heart


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