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One sense less but a lot more sensible October 12, 2007

From the sports page, print edition of Times of India, 12-Oct-2007:

“The only spectators who seemed to have enjoyed the match were the hearing-impaired kids of the Akshar Trust who were provided tickets by the Baroda Cricket Association (BCA). The kids jumped and cheered at every shot played both by Indians and Aussies”.

The other spectators, with all fives senses intact, were gloomy and dejected at the poor performance of the Indian cricket team.

I could not help but smile at that news clip. The differently abled were there to enjoy a sport and they did. The masses were there to enjoy India play a winning match and they did not.

A simple truth and yet elusive. The more you free your mind of boundaries and biases, the more Life gets a chance to make you smile.


2 Responses to “One sense less but a lot more sensible”

  1. joyeeta Says:

    I love the title of your post..its the most appropriate for the observation noted!!

  2. gurdas Says:

    Hi Joyee!

    I too loved it! Sometimes your brain throws the perfect sentence to catch the mood of your article. This was one of those instances.

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