A bouquet of flowers picked along the way ….

I took a walk… January 5, 2008

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… and found a world.

Right in my neighbourhood.

Today, just after dusk I had an urge for a cuppa tea and that took me out of my house on foot. Usually, at this hour I am at the office or doing something which ruled out leisure walks. But today was different. I was at home.

The first realisation that sunk in was that I had not walked on my own street for quite some time. And neither had I noticed those huge glass and steel buildings which seem to have sprouted out of nowhere. And whose house was that? Nice girl! Nicer dog!! Children playing ball. I can’t see the ball; they can. Look at that old man’s beard. And those bright plastic balls on sale.

 The tea was refreshing and it felt nice to be walking around my neighbourhood. Or should I say my world?


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