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Amazing Amazon September 17, 2008

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I have purchased from on sufficient occassions to comment that they are exceptionally good. They are the best I have seen. Their prices are more often than not better than anyone else in the market. But that is not what I wanted to talk about.

It is their customer service that bowls me out. How can this super store manage to reply to your emails in time? And deliver on time. And take such complete responsibility that it embarasses you.

Some years ago my order had got stuck at the Indian customs. Amazon sent a replacement without blinking an eye. I have repeatedly ordered for books to be delivered in India. Oh boy! the books come neatly packaged and on time.

At the core of Amazon is their software. I would go so far as say that they have probably the greatest software implementation on Earth. The software is intuitive, and gives you such delicious choices that without moderation you could go bankrupt!

And it is not just software. They are a truly high-tech organisation. Jeff Bezos, the founder, was Time’s Person of the Year in 1999. I read that issue and was awed by the technology they were using.

If you have shopped at you would know what I am talking about. They have third party sellers who are tightly integrated into the system. They usually have the highest number of reviews for the products that they sell. They also have nice lists titled “So you would like to..” and “listmania”. All by customers. And it says how active the customer community on Amazon is.

Their links work. Their help works. If you search for something, you usualy find it. Product details are good (though they can be better). You can peek inside books. You can buy suff from other sellers, both new and used. You have free delivery on most items above $25. Your items arrive on time and in good shape. And the shopping experience is exceptional. The software gives you suggestions that are intelligent. You have wishlists. You can place orders easily, you can track orders, and if you changed your mind before it got shipped, you can also cancel your order.

I simply cannot find a flaw with these folks.

That is why I call them Amazing Amazon.


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    Hi G, pls check my blog…you have received an award! 🙂

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