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The Bus Driver March 20, 2009

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Just like every other day today I took Wolfline Southeast Loop to campus. But as we were driving down Morrill Drive, an ordinary event told me how extraordinary the driver was. Here we are cruising smoothly, when suddenly the driver slams the breaks, sending almost everybody lunging forward. The reason – the vehicle ahead of us had swerved sharply without warning to grab a parking spot. So, what is so special here? The very first words uttered by the driver were “Sorry about that”, addressed to the passengers who had been inconvenienced by the sudden change of velocity.

I could not but help wonder about this. I put myself into the shoes of the driver and try imagining what my first words would have been. I would have probably sworn and only then followed up with an apology (which in any case was not due because the driver was not at fault).

To narrowly escape an accident, not be at fault, and have a sorry come out of your lips in the first second, to me, is nothing but extraordinary.


4 Responses to “The Bus Driver”

  1. lori78 Says:

    That bus driver is pretty amazing…just goes to show what kind of person he is. There’s a saying that goes, “You are what you say”.

    • gurdas Says:

      True! I felt particularly good about the world around me for after that event. There are angels everywhere, we just need to recognise them.

  2. care Says:

    perhaps he gave up cursing for Lent. 🙂 but seriously, that’s quite impressive. perhaps he was feeling relief instead of anger.

  3. gurdas Says:

    I had to do tons of reading to get the Lent reference! You are starting to owe me some free dinners, cash, and a fully paid holiday in Madrid.

    Had he said that forty seconds late, I would ascribe it to Lent, but what passes your lips in the first two seconds could only reveal a personality trait. Not that cursing would reveal a bad (I would have cursed and then regained my senses), but a no curse plus sorry does show positively. The same for the relief and anger thing – that plays a role after the first few seconds.

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