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worth a watch March 14, 2010

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my watch, since 1992

An ordinary watch made extraordinary by its survival. 18 years and counting.

I was all of 15 when my father gave me this Titan timepiece. Since then it has stayed on my wrist about 20 hours a day and 365 days a year. And it has not stopped for one single moment except when needing a battery, o-ring, or glass replacement.

I remember it cost a mere Rs. 450 ($10) or thereabouts. It has been my only wrist watch from the day it came into my life and I hope to maintain that till it ticks. The many years of wear has weathered it, just like me. Its steel body has scars and dents and the dial face has yellowed along the edges. I keep it clean by washing it under running tap water using soap and a toothbrush! Wonder how many people do that with their watch. I do.

Over the years, it has lost some of its water resistance and the display fogs when it is subjected to one of my cleaning sessions or rainfall. I am guessing it will last a few more years and will then rest in peace in my wardrobe.

To remind me of my loving father. And to remind me that the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the ‘extra’ distance travelled.


6 Responses to “worth a watch”

  1. Joyeeta Says:

    That is a nice, refreshing read…old but not forgotten, worn out yet not weary, not pricey but priceless…definitely worth a watch!!

    • gurdas Says:

      J, lovely, lovely comment! ‘old but not forgotten … not pricey but priceless’ – just my sentiments. Thanks!!

  2. Asha Says:

    Well-written! Even pics are awesome. u Creative guy!

  3. Rana Says:

    Hey..Gurdas!! Wow u still sporting this watch….awesome….i remember ur liking for the watch (especially the fact that ‘XII’ is in red….which is what had instantly stuck to u while buying the watch). Also is it still 12 mins ahead of the DD time….hahaha

    • gurdas Says:

      Rana, the red colour for ‘XII’ still amuses me. But what I had totally forgotten was my habit of keeping it 12 minutes ahead of DD in defiance of the often quoted sardar joke. Hahahaha, you just made my day be reminding me of things long forgotten.

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