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An ordinary girl May 3, 2007

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She is an ordinary girl
Her expressions are not free
because you’ve blamed and scolded
her often and easily.
If ever her attitude you mind, you do not expect her to clarify.
She is prohibited from laughing aloud
Speaking her mind out has always been out of question.
Even for crying, you have taught her
‘Never express in public’.
She shuts her door in remorse.
She has never said,
“I am hungry, I do not like it.”
Or even, “I do not feel fine.”
She is an ordinary girl
Like you and me.

You see her everyday
At the bus stop,
At the railway platform,
At your office,
Or maybe walking down the street.
You watch her intently
Her bindi, her sari,
The color of her nail-polish,
Her eyebrows, her lips,
Her eyes, her ear-rings,
There are many parts
you unknowingly notice
And many others, you want her to reveal
For she is an ordinary girl
Like you and me.

She cares for your dignity
Looks after your family
Arranges your four square meals
Loves you as a being
Shares your worries
Supports you in distress
Helps you in trouble
She is an ordinary girl
Like you and me.

After all these sharing and caring
For you dear, she never got
her rightful unconditional faith.
You blame her, whenever she
wanted to do without your wish
Or whim.
In the interior regions of Bihar
You often pick her up by force
She makes your night bright.
And you throw her away by the daylight.

After all day’s work, when she is tired
You make her walk miles and miles
in the arid climate of Gujarat
To get enough water for your family
to drink.

At office, you work with her.
Try to be friendliest of friends
Hidden thoughts work behind
May be of possessing her some Night.
She is an ordinary girl.
Just like you and me.

It’s nothing new, that you do today.
You’ve been doing it, since ages.
You’ve never believed her sanctity.
When she came as ‘Sita’.
You took your credit of deceiving her
of her right,  for the sake of country.
And she had to put herself on pyre
to prove her integrity.
When she came as Draupadi
Dushashana pulled her out of the palace
And tried to unclothe her in the court.
You stood and watched her genuflect.
When she came as Mirabai
You forced her to take to your
belief of God and tortured her
until she left your palace
for the sake of her faith.
As Padmini in Rajputana
You made her jump into fire

You gave yourself the bravado
of belonging to a society
Where she can end her life
But not compromise her sanctity.
Again you blame her
For the same as easily as you do.

It is history, nothing seems
To have changed even today.
In the most modern educated society
You afford her the best of education,
Best of food, best of clothing,
But when it comes to her
Integrity, sanctity and character
You blame her as easily as you
always have.
You do not let her be alone outside home
Even when it is dire need.
If she comes emotionally closer to you
You whisper about her character.
You take it as your birth right
to blame her.

Now, if I ask, what about you?
Are you not the same or worse?
If she has ever slipped
Have you not been equal partners?
Why did you not blame yourself ever
for being what you are?

Oh! ordinary girls
It is time for revolution.
A revolution of our mind, thought
and status.

You’ve sacrificed down the ages.
You’ve tolerated injustice.
Please do not succumb
to the pressures of this society anymore.
That society which gives you everything
But along with it a stigma
Of disbelief and stain
Of being unfaithful.
With this similar attitude, society
relates to you as a mother, a wife
and as a daughter.
Then again curses you easily
For anything you do without its approval.

It is time to change the definition
Of your being girls.
It is time, to show that you are
strong as your counterpart.
It is time, to tell the society
That we are not here to take the blame
Or lay the blame.
We are here to have faith
And make others believe
Share our duties and responsibilities
For a world of equality and equanimity.
A world of faith and love.

Come, my dearest ordinary girls
Let us find ourselves some way out.
Make ourselves strong enough
To make the society believe
That there is no need
They should keep us in high walls.
Or not let us work at office late at night.
Let us tell them that we do not need
Their virtual security, to be in this world.
We can take care of ourselves
And fight any odd that
Comes our way.

I know, any change is hard to be brought.
It is tough to materialize
But my pen has its aim
To make you think.
I am sure, if you think today
You’ll believe.
Once you believe in yourself
Faith will be there to guide
You on your way.
Today the world must know
Though you are an ordinary girl,
You have an extraordinary strength.
You’ve gained it through
Sacrifice and tolerance down the ages.

It is time world should realize
You are an extraordinarily
Ordinary girl.

– by Vilombita Sarcar


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