A bouquet of flowers picked along the way ….

The ants go marching May 4, 2007

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This morning my kitchen threw a surprise
For there was an army at work from before sunrise
From window to floor and floor to ceiling they went
Sharing my house without contributing house rent!

Over the jar, under the sheet
Around the tumbler they go with scurrying feet
One two one two go their steps
Paying no heed to any form of rest

Along the way they whisper in every ear
And pheromones tell them how far or near
Like living dots on some magical picture book
That tell a story whichever way you hook

Please take me along I felt like saying
For I too want to walk without ever tiring
I ask what gives you such strength
For you have no nation, religion or friend

What need for such reasons they ask perplexed
Specially when life is to a few months compressed
Food for winter we collect when it is May
That is our secret is all we can say

A lot we can learn from the tiny ant
Though they steal our food and make us rant
So the next time for inspiration you are searching
Remember to look at the ants go marching


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