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Equality July 13, 2007

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There are people who talk of equality, there are people who believe in equality and there are people who practise equality.

Needless to mention, people belonging to the last group know most about the subject. The first two are limited to coffee table discussions.

The ground realities and nuances of equality are hard to capture unless practised. On many an occasion equality is synonymous with a complete dissolution of our ego. To place someone higher or lower, in my opinion, is easier than an equal place. Because equality demands responsibility and sensitivity. It also demands you acknowledge an individual as a complete, independent unit. In a strange funny way, what it demands most is letting go of your cultural baggage and biases. Equality enshrines within it the concepts of fairness, freedom, justice and liberty. It is highly democratic and as such needs to be nourished with patience and respect for the other.

Let us fully imbibe the essence of equality and strive for an egalitarian world.


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