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The Journey August 27, 2007

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Sometimes it happens,
When you are caught unaware.
The sweet pain cuts through your heart
And all your feelings are laid bare

In that state of nakedness you find
The thread of love is what binds
You yearn to keep the thought for eternity
To escape and yet realise reality
It is then that you want to grow
To rise above and leave yourself below

The depth of your thoughts drown your doubts;
You dream about the eternal spring
And the end of the perennial drought.
The clarity of your own dreams dazzles you.
You look above and admire the sky so blue.
With your eyes wide open and all senses alert,
You take a deep breath and say
“Life is beautiful….”,
Hoping the euphoria continues for
Every night and every day..

Before one emotion dies you re-kindle another
Your intensity makes me laugh and shudder
Like imagination enslaved by a falling star
You capture my thoughts from afar
With every blink and every sigh
You posses each moment lest it fly

As the waves rise and fall
Hear the ocean sing a song to you
Must you not return the call?
Or is it that you have no clue?

Perhaps, you chose to ignore the signs
Binding you with endless twines.
The nudity of your own feelings intimidate you,
The overwhelming emotions are daunting too

You look at the sky
And fathom the endless space you have to fly.
You appreciate the joy that it brings,
Yet you hesitate to go out and spread your wings

To get the sun a rose must unfurl
The same is with wings and souls
And like the rose, every joy has its price
The sun brings gale and dust
The flight is a potential drop
And yet the rose petals out
Unmindful of losing itself
That and only that is living
For the rest is but existing

This poem written as a collaborative effort between a friend and myself. It was fun writing a poem over the email with each person writing alternative stanzas. It remained unfinished for reasons I no longer remember. But it was a lot of fun nonetheless.

 Interested in trying it out?


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  1. wavesnsands Says:

    Really cool!!!
    should try it out 🙂

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