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Mother Hen! December 4, 2007

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Right now, there are women squabbling in the street outside my house.

And I simply cannot distinguish the sounds they are making from what I witnessed once at a hen coup.

So much for evolution.


2 Responses to “Mother Hen!”

  1. Crimson Feet Says:

    I reached your blog from Dan’s Meditations On Meaning blog. You had commented on the post where Dan had invited all to join the new Avanoo.

    I dont think you ever joined, because I have not seen you there. I joined it and its been some 4 odd useful months. I am a regular and I think these guys are doing a great job. I have not found any other online community to be as engaging as Avanoo. Moreover, Dan has just started a share your world journey to make real life connections and not just keep it online.

    I am not like advertising this or something… but I feel you may be the kind of person who’d genuinely enjoy what Avanoo has to offer, and offer a lot back in return. So see if you want to try.


  2. gurdas Says:


    I did intend to join Avanoo then and I still do. It’s just that sometimes our online lives get overwhelming on our other life.

    Thanks for updating me on Avanoo. I should be there sometime soon.

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