A bouquet of flowers picked along the way ….

Along a lake May 12, 2008

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Chandratal, Lahaul, HP, India. 2007

Chandratal Lake, Himachal, India


As you walk along a lake set amidst snow peaked mountains, you realise that the world is always eager to welcome you. Without biases and prejudices. As you are.

But are you ready to welcome the world as it is?


4 Responses to “Along a lake”

  1. Shabnam Says:

    Which place is this???

  2. gurdas Says:

    Hi Shabnam,
    This is Chandratal Lake in Lahaul district in Himachal Pradesh. Some 160kms ahead of Manali. To reach you take the Manali>RohtangPass>Chhatru>Chhotadhara>Batal>Chandratal route.

    Most of my blog pictures give a brief of location and date when you hover your mouse above the picture.

  3. Rajeev Dubey Says:

    The lake looks so refreshing…I wish I could taste these waters…did you try to do so, how did it taste…? To me it looks to be able to quench the thirsts of a life time…!

  4. gurdas Says:

    Dear Rajeev,
    Thanks for stopping by. The lake is almost magical in moonlight. Sorry, it was too chilly for me to try setting up a tripod and shoot. But that means you must visit Chandratal to taste the water and see its moonlit glory

    I ‘tasted’ the lake waters because our guide and cook used it for the breakfast. Inspite of my repeated reminders to use the packaged water we were carrying. I did not sonsume the water raw so cannot comment on its taste.

    Again, I wait for that answer from you!

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