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The dangerously light Macbook Air March 20, 2009

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Like with everything else, I also have favourite professors. One of the top contenders on my favourite list sits right across my office; let us call him DB. A great teacher, fun to be with in class, and highly lovable; I had the pleasure of learning from DB the previous semester. And for inexplicable reasons (maybe his age and personality), he reminds me of my father and I have an urge to go hug him.

But wait, this post is about Macbook Air and the disadvantages of an ultra-light design! So, DB purchased a Macbook Air some weeks ago. Shiny, sleek, classy, and the envy of many, the Air perfectly complimented him. Though I did tease him about his youthfulness  🙂

So, today when I stopped by his door to say hello and enquire how he and his Air were doing, DB mentioned how he left it behind on a recent visit to Washington – just the perfect time to use (and show off!) his new gadget. He had to leave office in a hurry, and so picked his bags and left, while the Air was on the chair all the while! Air on the chair… that rhymes!

Now, if I were to pick my backpack, I could tell without even looking inside whether my laptop was in there. My laptop is a significant fraction of the total weight of my backpack. But not the darling of the classes – Macbook Air. This beauty is consipucous due to absence of certain things – like size and weight!

At 3.0 pounds (1.36 kg) the macbook Air is dangerously light! Like those new ultra small thumbdrives which are so easy to lose. To make matters worse, the Air’s stunning looks add to the hurt from missing an opportunity to show it off because you forgot to pack it in.


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