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My Music is Back! March 23, 2009

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I could hardly live without my Worldspace Satellite Radio in India. While I do not claim to be a music aficionado, music has been a love of sorts. And a odd one too, because I never carried it around with me. That is, I was never an ear buds kind of person. I would very often have music playing at home in the morning and evening as I went about my daily chores. I would almost always have music playing in my car. But I rarely have music when I am out in the open. In short, I like studio music when I am in closed spaces where other natural sounds have been shut out. But otherwise, I am easily entertained by the music of the world around us – sounds of vehicles, trains, hawkers, people, birds, what have you.

And while there are many songs that I have come to love, I also happily accept whatever the radio would send over the air. Not all radio stations are good, and obviously I am talking of the select few which I found to my taste. Some of this changed when I moved to the US last year. I realised all the recorded English music I brought along was old collection – the radio had both freed and bankrupted me! However, thanks to my friend Deepanjan, my music is riding piggy back on internet radio. Of all the people I know, Deepanjan is miles ahead in his appreciation of Western music – from Country to Jazz to Rock to Blues, he covers it all. Add to that an excellent understanding of how music is distributed and shared over the internet, and you can see what a treasure this guy is!

My current favourite genre is Country music, and though I have never ridden a horse, or played the guitar, the river sure flows in me. I listen to CMT more often than any other station.

And if you would like to know what tracks I am listening to, I have put up a dedicated page on the top right that says “humming along with …”. I will post my most played tracks of the week here. And if there is one you’d like to recommend, please leave a comment.

I was starting to miss my home in India with its good acoustics and choicest music, but less now because my music is back.


6 Responses to “My Music is Back!”

  1. Deepanjan Says:

    Thanks for the honorary mention!

  2. lori78 Says:

    Try Jason Mraz’s music. The acoustic versions of his songs are way excellent than his recorded ones!

  3. Deepanjan Says:

    Since I’m a Yahoo! devotee, I’ll also recommend Yahoo! Radio @

  4. care Says:

    oh, gurdas, I could tell you about music ALL day!

    some artists to check out (or if you ask nicely *maybe* I’ll share with you…)

    -*Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers
    -*Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
    -The Bees
    -*Miranda Lambert
    -*The Avett Brothers (if you don’t know who they are check them out IMMEDIATELY!)
    -Sondre Lerche
    -Iron & Wine
    -The Shins
    -Ben Folds

    and OH so many more. I put stars by the ones you should do first!

  5. gurdas Says:

    lori78, Deepanjan, Stumper:

    Thanks! When I wrote this piece, I was wishing it will lead me to new music and I can say your comments have already made it worth the effort. I am going to check out your suggestions and revert in due course of time.

    Stumper (this is how I will always address you in future, so get used to it): Since we meet at least twice a week (whether or not we want to!), how about cutting me a CD with your fave music? I could cut one for you with my most recent downloads.

  6. care Says:

    sounds like a plan!

    want a cd? or want a dvd with more?

    also? I will accept “Stumper.” But if you start calling me “Stumpy,” please expect to not like my response. 😉

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