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Silly boy March 26, 2009

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Captain’s Log: Third rock from the Sun. Year 2009. Episode – “This boy is silly”

10:30 am : Take Wolfline Southeast Loop from home to campus

1:30 pm : Take Wolfline back home to pick up car

1:45 pm : Drive to Department of Revenue office in North Raleigh

3:30 pm : Drive back to Campus and work at office in Mann 317

8:00 pm : Leave office, eat dinner at Clark, take Wolfline from campus to home


10:30 pm : Friend joins for our daily night tea and asks “Where is your car?”


5 Responses to “Silly boy”

  1. lori78 Says:


    Miss your writing… been checking if there’s a new post (sigh).
    Well, you must be pretty busy.

    God bless…

  2. gurdas Says:

    Well, thank you! How have you been?
    As a blogger, the greatest thing to hear is that someone is waiting to read your post. I must also apologize for my silence. The semester is coming to an end (14 more days to go!) and every week is packed with homework, papers, and exams. I have 3-4 posts running in my mind, but just not able to sit down and pen them. I promise to do one post soon. I have a RSS feed logo at the bottom. Do not know if that works. But if it does, you will automatically know when I have a new post.
    Until the next post …

  3. lori78 Says:

    Gurdas, this is unrelated to this post but have you heard of the invisible children? They are children in parts of Africa that were forced to be soldiers. There’s going to be a rescue on the 25th of April. Pls. click on the link below to learn more and please spread the word!

    • gurdas Says:

      Sorry for being out of action and not responding to the above comment in time. I looked up the link and hope the rescue went fine. The last few weeks were loaded with semester end exams and papers.

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