A bouquet of flowers picked along the way ….

Happy Birthday, Sis March 22, 2010

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Sister and I, circa ~1982


6 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Sis”

  1. Joyeeta Says:

    Lovely wishes G….you were so adorably cute!!! I wish we had Jassi keep his judi and patka.

  2. gurdas Says:

    J, “were”?
    Stop hurting my sentiments, please.

  3. Asha Says:

    OMG!!! Is that you? Deepanjan was right ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Anil Says:

    I don’t have a real sister & I can’t tell how many times I would have wished to have one.

    I feel it is one of the relationships in the today’s world that is still as sacred and as beautiful as anything.

    And this feeling has cemented its place in my heart ever since I am blessed with a baby girl.

    • gurdas Says:

      Anil, congrats about the angel!! I hope you get to relish the bonding between your son and daughter. Lucky guy!

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