A bouquet of flowers picked along the way ….

Vilombita May 3, 2007

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My friend, Vilombita, gifted my blog two very beautifully works penned by her when we were in college.

The works “Confession of Sasmita” and “An ordinary girl” have been close to my heart since they first appeared in 2000. Both works, in their own unique way, move the reader. The stanzas and metre is very different from what you will find in poetry. She frequently deviates from acceptable English grammar and construction. To me, that makes the works all the more special because in some strange way the deviations add to the impact of the work on the reader.

Vilo, thanks!


One Response to “Vilombita”

  1. Anjali Says:

    Oh…Confession of Sasmita !!!

    seems like the time has come to a standstill… seems like nothing has changed in last 5 years….

    Confession of Sasmita !!!!….. which previewed me about the turbulence going inside a rather relaxed Viloo…

    I still remember that evening in the Room 118 of GH-1.. When Viloo was showing me her precious collection..and I got stuck with this one…my eyes wet…and I just said..Viloo ! How can someone feel something so deeply and intensely… Kash..un dinon ko hum kahin se dubara chura sakte.

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