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Creating a paradise on Earth August 31, 2007

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I was wondering what it will take to create a paradise on Earth. The answers I got were that the notion of Paradise is nothing but peace in all its myriad forms. And here is what I truly believe can lay the foundation of everlasting peace on Earth:


Total eradication of hunger
Safe drinking water for all
Education for all
Employment for all
Love and respect for fellow humans
Love and respect for our planet and all its inhabitants

I have placed them in a logical order on what needs to be tackled first. To me, a man dying of hunger is, arguably, the greatest shame on humanity. Which is why I placed eradication of hunger at the top of the list.

Seeing the list, what strikes me most is that nothing on the list is beyond human reach. Infact, all of it is human creation. If we have the will, it will not take more than 10 years to establish the first four list item as ‘achieved’. That does not mean there will not be the occasional hiccup. But what it means is that the deviation will be rare and will be handled such that peace is not disturbed permanently.

So, the agenda will change from establishing temporary peace to maintaining permanent peace.

As we move down the list, I believe, we will see peace taking form. Conflicts arise when one of these core needs is disturbed. Wars are fought for one or more of the list points. Not all wars will be nullified by the list. The extremists will continue to find reason for war. But they will be so outnumbered that the only real choice will be to let go of their position and embrace peace.

Sounds Utopian, eh? But let me ask, is there a second choice?

Maybe I am just greedy. I don’t want a paradise after death. I want it while alive.


2 Responses to “Creating a paradise on Earth”

  1. pujathakur Says:

    I wish for the same.. But my wishes have a selfish undertone as well. There is a huge difference between me and millions of other people. I have a decent shelter, can afford to enjoy good meals, have most of my material needs fulfilled. But when I look around and see hunger in people’s eyes, I hang my head in shame. I am unable to enjoy the privileges granted to me. I really wish to be able to contribute my part in getting a more human lifestyle for such people.

  2. gurdas Says:

    Puja, your pain and suffering is not uncommon. The disparity created by human systems can drag down any sensitive soul. The healing way out is to do as much good as you can. While pain is the catalyst that moves us, perennial pain (and specially when not followed by action) can be damaging. Let pain end with action. If you suffer, how will you end the suffering of others?

    “do kadam aur sahi” as you would say 🙂
    “Keep Walking” for people who indulge in fine spirits!

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