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Folk’s Lore – the seven coloured squirrel September 7, 2007

I (with a glint in my eye): Dad, I was thinking about that seven coloured squirrel you saw in the jungles of Gua. Do you remember the colours?

Dad (with no idea of the trap): Hmmm… (staring hard into infinity) they were very much like the rainbow. Ya, I am sure that was it.

I (glancing at brother, he winks back): So, you mean to say if this squirrel were to move blazingly fast it will appear white?

Dad (catching up): You pay attention to your food and stop thinking about the squirrel.

I: But this is important, I am intending to do a true story report for my school task. I want more details to make it a winner.

Dad (a little alarmed): But it was so long back. You weren’t even born then. Really, I have only a faint recollection of that squirrel.

(which is quite a reversal because he always had details… though they kept changing with passing years)

Brother (shifting into a more alert position than his usual satiated python pose): We could help with the recollection.

Dad: Why don’t you tell the full story then?

Brother: Dad, if I tell, it will sound like a BBC report. If you tell, it will sound like a CNN report. At school, CNN wins.

Dad (looking around for support and finding none): What is this school report about?

I (now a little cautious): We need to write about an amazing wildlife creature.

Dad (seeing some hope): Aha, well then why write about the squirrel? Maybe the Peregrine Falcon or Electric Eel or why even the ordinary Elephant can be quite extraordinary.

I (sounding alarmed): Dad! everyone knows about these. Maybe three other people are writing about the same creature.

Dad (now starting to enjoy his hold): Err… how about Sherlock? He his amazing!

(Realising the slipping advantage I squirm at the mention of Sherlock our dog)

I (vigorously): Don’t be a spoilsport! Nobody is interested in knowing about Sherlock. I will be booed. The creature must evoke amazement, wonder…

Brother (as if suddenly realising his role): He is right! You must help him!

Dad: You shut up. Why are you so supportive of him today?
Dad: Listen, I am not even sure I saw this squirrel. I think I had seen it but then it was 15 years ago. (Looking a little dreamy eyed). Hmmm… the jungles surrounding the ore mines of Musabani and Gua…


3 Responses to “Folk’s Lore – the seven coloured squirrel”

  1. Gagan Says:


    LOL .. i totally enjoyed this piece – reminded me of someone i know too. And all this while i wasn’t aware you can write so well – way to go man. I am sure gonna find time now to read other posts of yours.


  2. gurdas Says:


    Ignorance is never bliss. And I am glad that you have developed a taste for the finer things in life – such as my award winning writing.

    And now that you have accepted I “write so well”, how about sending over a few hundred dollars to keep me inspired?
    Let us meet when you are back in Delhi. Tinku has grown a sweet belly.

    – G

  3. Maximus Says:

    I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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