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The jeans+belt sin September 17, 2007

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Once in a while you have a point which cannot be proven. To you the point is so obvious, it is surprising that it is not yet an accepted universal truth. But that’s how Life is. You cannot backup with proof and folks around you keep doing stuff that hurts your senses.

I have long held the view that “jeans is to be worn without a belt”. And what is actually happening? There is a whole industry of belts that are custom made for jeans. That is like saying you have a nightgown custom made for Salsa.

But no more. I have proof.

Steve without belt

He needs no introduction. He is NOT wearing a belt on his jeans. Period.

Pic picked from here.

Check more Style stuff here. OK, they are not averse to belts + jeans. But then they are Style Guys not Style Gods.

The man in the pic above is.  And HIS style can be found here.

—- 2010 update —-

I am now a sinner.


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