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A bit of both June 24, 2008

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Which is my favourite comic strip? My answer to that question depends on when you asked.

As a kid, Flash Gordon and Phantom were my favourites. Then for a very long time I cherished TinTin and Asterix&Obelix. During high school I was hooked to Beau Peep. In the recent few years, I have taken to Calvin&Hobbes and Dilbert. It is tough to choose between the two as my current favourite.

So, when my friend Puja took a test that will reveal your Calvin-Hobbes mix, I had to take one of my own. Not that the test is reputed or known to be accurate. But my score did surprise me. For I have always associated equally with Calvin and his pet tiger Hobbes. Sure, I adore Calvin and fully relate to his devious plans, wicked self, honesty and tribulation. Yet, I find the presence of Hobbes equally necessary and relevant.


My score at the Calvin and Hobbes test


Take the test here.


7 Responses to “A bit of both”

  1. Shabnam Says:

    Haha!! You must be wondering why am I laughing out loud..!! Even I got the same remarks as yours after going through the test. 😀

  2. gurdas Says:

    This is sad news for me. I was convinced I have a world exclusive to the highly coveted 50/50 title.
    On the other hand, maybe it is not so bad. Surely, I can accomodate one other person on the winner’s podium.
    Specially since I have other pressing issues to attend to. Like finding my humility.

  3. J Says:

    Hey G, Honestly I didn’t know abt C & H until I came across this post …so taking the test not knowing the characters well enough was just an impulse thing and the result didn’t reveal much to me except for the intuitive feeling…’it can not be so bad!!’
    I got a 50/50.
    Now, seeing you trying to hold this title exclusively for yourself, I am convinced this HAS to be good!! 🙂

  4. gurdas Says:

    It is getting crowded at 50/50. This sucks!

  5. Shabnam Says:

    Right Gurdas….there are more people on the podium now 😉

  6. gurdas Says:

    Two is company, three is a crowd.
    One more person with 50/50, and I am retaking that test!!

  7. Shabnam Says:

    haha!!! You have a cooool sense of humor 😀

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