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A bit of both June 24, 2008

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Which is my favourite comic strip? My answer to that question depends on when you asked.

As a kid, Flash Gordon and Phantom were my favourites. Then for a very long time I cherished TinTin and Asterix&Obelix. During high school I was hooked to Beau Peep. In the recent few years, I have taken to Calvin&Hobbes and Dilbert. It is tough to choose between the two as my current favourite.

So, when my friend Puja took a test that will reveal your Calvin-Hobbes mix, I had to take one of my own. Not that the test is reputed or known to be accurate. But my score did surprise me. For I have always associated equally with Calvin and his pet tiger Hobbes. Sure, I adore Calvin and fully relate to his devious plans, wicked self, honesty and tribulation. Yet, I find the presence of Hobbes equally necessary and relevant.


My score at the Calvin and Hobbes test


Take the test here.