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Adventures of a reluctant cook May 7, 2009

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A long time ago I had tried my hand at cooking. Things were going fine, until one day I burnt the food so bad the cooking dish had to be cleaned over a week! And then a few days ago I tried making an omelette. Well, it was not a failure, but I would hesitate to call it a success either. I singed my fingers, but more than that, my omelette resembled scrambled eggs. Anyway, this and the encouragement from friends had me going for the omelette again. Only this time, it was a certain disaster.

So, yesterday, I set the pan and added oil. I was using a flexible synthetic spatula and thought to myself that this could melt. Or maybe not? Isn’t it meant for cooking? Moving on, I let the oil heat while I poured the egg mix into a cup. I avoided buying whole eggs because that is too much trouble. Instead I bought this ready to cook egg thingy. I poured the eggs into the pan and tried moving the spatula. It would not! It had melted and was stuck to the bottom of my pan. The eggs were already in there, mixing with the melting plastic. I cursed and yanked the spatula away. That spilt some egg all over the kitchen counter. I was undeterred for today I was ready to fight for my omelette and so I decided to eat whatever I cook – plastic or no plastic.

I trashed the stupid plastic spatula and pulled out a metal one. Like a warrior pulling out his second sword in the battlefield after the first is shattered. And I attacked the eggs trying to separate them from the plastic. Bad idea. The plastic came off, but it pulled along some of the non-stick Teflon coating from the pan. I cursed, again. This must be the most nutritious omelette ever – man made plastic and teflon.

After a few more minutes of heroic efforts, I did have something edible. Now, not by a far margin did it resemble eggs, but then no was looking, right? I finally did consume my “omelette”.

But the million dollar question staring in my face is – should I continue to try cooking or just accept my failure? My neighbour’s comment upon hearing this tale were “I think you should not try cooking. You could set the house on fire.”


5 Responses to “Adventures of a reluctant cook”

  1. care Says:

    um, I am kind of a good cook. let me know when you’d like me to teach you some skillz.

  2. gurdas Says:

    Are you serious? Not just me, but my mom too [:-)] will bless you forever if you can get me going on cooking.
    I am up for this anytime after May 15th. Let me know what works with you…

  3. Joyeeta Says:

    I would say..’Hope is dead…long live hope!!’ to your cooking skills 🙂

    Both your new entries are super!!

  4. lori78 Says:

    Oh you should try again. Only this time have someone competent to teach you 🙂

  5. gurdas Says:

    Joyeeta: Thanks! I guess the exams created a lot of pent up thoughts which my blog is happy to accept.

    Lori: See, that is the kind of advice which started this whole thing. If I burn the house down, it will be on you 🙂

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