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She shops the way I shop May 8, 2009

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Now, I have a million eccentricities. Fortunately, I am aware of these and so, my friends are spared their pain and horror most of the time. Most of the time. Of these queer personality traits, the way I shop is amongst the most developed.

And how do I shop? For starters, you wouldn’t want to accompany me. I am just so freaking choosy I can drive people mad. I could spend an entire evening trying to find a garment that fits me exactly the way I think it should. To prove my point, I have my own unique description of what constitutes a good fit. A good fitting garment is one which touches your body in the zones/areas where you enjoy being touched and does not touch your body in the zones/areas where you do not enjoy being touched. If this sounds nonsense to you, I would totally understand. And not just garments, I bring a whole new level of complexity to shopping for anything. Yes ANYTHING. It could be a pack of blank CDs, pencils, shoes, milk (!), ok you get the point. Like I said, the way I shop is a highly developed eccentricity.

And I have wondered how it would be to meet someone who shops the way I shop.

Now I know. Because the other day I went shopping with a friend and she was literally a copy-paste of me when it came to shopping. We spent hours trying to find a dress for her. And she had already spent hours the day before. And we had a final exam the next day. I couldn’t have cared less. Not when I was looking at a marvel – someone who shops the way I shop.


2 Responses to “She shops the way I shop”

  1. lori78 Says:

    Hahaha… she’s your shopping soulmate, LOL!

    Kidding aside, thank the good Lord you’re back to writing again! Welcome back!!

  2. gurdas Says:

    “shopping soulmate” – that is very interesting !!
    It takes shopping to a whole new spiritual level 🙂
    And, I am both thankful and glad for your comments.

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