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I make toor dal June 5, 2010

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toor dal

toor dal

Cooking dal was a moment of pride for me. Let me accept that. In the last few weeks, I have cooked toor dal (featured here) and split moong dal. Dal is a general term used to describe the many varieties of pulses and is part of the staple diet all over India. Recipes vary by region, but the most common form of dal is when cooked in a watery suspension, which is how I cook it.

My recipe for dal is very similar to how I cook pulao, except that I do not add potatoes or peas in the dal.

Next on my ‘learn cooking’ agenda is a chicken recipe from the best chick in the world (I can so clearly see the amused look and the raised right eyebrow when she reads this).


2 Responses to “I make toor dal”

  1. Jaspal Says:


    Your toor dal looks fresh and tasty to eat. My favorite is toor dal. Looking forward to some more recipes from your side. :

    Happy Cooking


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