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On a rainy day July 2, 2007

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On a rainy day (Jamshedpur, India, June, 2007)


The mighty arrogant skyOn a rainy day (Jamshedpur, India, June, 2007)On a rainy day (Jamshedpur, India, June, 2007)
huffed and puffed with cotton ball clouds
Streaks of sunlight breaking through, naughty and buoyant
The song of birds from far and near
Angry and bewildered at why it rains so generously
Why it rains pitter patter pitter patter?
The mud is stirred and its soul awakened
Blossom bright and lively greens
The whispering wind carrying secrets from far
And the leaves sway is agreement to those unheard tales
I smile one more time and add a wrinkle somewhere.
Crashing down it came for hours
Followed by an eerie silence
“How can it stop raining so suddenly” I ask?
Blue and Red balloons run out of their homes
Shouting with glee, splashing water and joy all around
A vehicle passes and the drums roll
The show is back after the break
The humid air is heavy with memories
Someone is cooking aromatic rice
I think of my mother and wonder who has not seen God?
I pull-on my shoes and walk out
Its time to get wet even though it isn’t raining anymore.
As I walk and get wet
I happen to pass grass patches
The blades gloriously declaring their existence
Which until now was redoubtable
Isn’t it funny how the rain transforms?
Grass become proud and Men become weak
Rocks melt away as Sands hold true
Truly, water gives life something to live by
Lost in this explosion of HIS self
I find a new meaning
To who I am and what I seek
And, as I shrug off centuries of dust
I prepare to hug the Earth.


4 Responses to “On a rainy day”

  1. darialois Says:

    love the 1st stanza especially =]

  2. gurdas Says:

    Thanks for stopping by and the kind words.
    Here’s wishing the rains always bring love and fun into your life.

  3. chezmobobbins Says:

    YesI like the first part the best too, and what a pretty picture..

  4. gurdas Says:

    Thank you for the appreciation! The photo is from the house I grew up in, though we no longer live there. I miss its secrets…

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